Gravitation Online
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> Download: Gravitation Online v1.4.6 (Client + Server) - 6,7 MB
> Download: Gravitation Map Editor v1.0.0 - 70,3 kB
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Gravitation Online
Continue of an earlier version of the game Gravitation , where shrinking opportunity to play more than one player on one PC, but the increases opportunity for online playing up to 20 players on one server, map editor, console server, file compression, search servers, create a local server, and many other modifications.
Compared to the original version, this version includes 4 game modes Race, deadmatch, Team deadmatch and Capture The Flag.
It is also the opportunity to play the test game for one player.
Remake by Henry
This remake is written in the programming language C++. The remake contains all the graphics and sounds means of original PlayStation game from James Shaughnessy. For a graphic rendering uses OpenGL libraries.
The game can be played with a joypad, the use of buttons can be freely set. It also supports analog control sticks, which affect the power braking and acceleration rocket. The advantage is the setting of the screen resolution and display at full screen (Full-screen).
Creating a map is also possible by using a simple Map Editor, which is free to download.
The development of this online version took through three years. The length of development is increased due to the transition of Game Maker to C++. In Game Maker I've almost finished the two versions that were discarded due to oddly written the script and poor system of communication between the server and the client.
Since C++ applications run much faster than Game Maker application, I tried to write a server in C++ using the library 39dll, as well as the version in the Game Maker. With easily using of functions to render graphics in GML, so I programmed the client in Game Maker. This version was almost complete, but I was not satisfied with the outcome again.
Now the game is fully written in C++ and it is finally available for download.
Game bonuses (Pods)
Positive remoted bonuses:
#1Repeated shooting at an interval of 100 ms while holding the key.
#5Repeating a single primary shooting at an interval of 50ms while holding the key.
#3Frayed primary shooting.
#10Secondary fire lay the mine, that after 5 seconds explodes and creates a 3 randomly flying missiles. Maximum mines for the player is 10.
#11Secondary fire.

Positive bonuses:
#2Automatic circular shooting around player.
#4Sets the maximum lives.
#7Flips the opponent gravity. (Applies only team game).
#13After pick up, the player is indestructible for 5 seconds and can fly across the walls. (Not used in Race mode).

Neutral bonuses:
#8Reduces the player's gravity to half.

Negative bonuses:
#0Blocks obtaining other offensive bonuses.
#6Cancels all active bonuses to players.
#9Reverses the direction of the player's rotation.
#12Reverses the direction of the player's gravity.
Henry (administrator) 15:49 02.10.2014
Server zastaven. Vzhledem k neidentifikaci problému, je v plánu kompletní přestavba serveru.
Henry (administrator) 21:18 30.06.2014
Oficiální Gravitation Server opět v provozu. Pokusil jsem se o zachycení chyb, aniž by docházelo ke kompletnímu výpadku serveru. Díky hráči jménem Philip se mi konečně podařilo zachytit místo výskytu chyby, avšak není jisté, zda byla chyba úplně odstraněna.
Henry (administrator) 20:27 02.02.2014
Operating system of Official Gravitation Online server is upgraded to Windows 7 and it should be more stable. For any questions or ideas contact me. Have a fun! :)
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