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Helpful functions
size_t freadln( char *_str, FILE *_file )C++
Reads line from the file ending with characters CR / LF / NULL.

void TimeToStr( time_t _in_time, char *_out_str )C++
Converts time in miliseconds to an array in format MM:SS:MS or HH:MM:SS.

double round( double x )C++
Replaces round() function - rounds a real number to the nearest integer.

char *Quest(char value, char *str, ...)C++
The function returns a character array which is selected by 'value'.
Example: Quest( 2, STR, "Zero", "One", "Two", "Three" ) = "Two";

void MakeHMStime( char *str, clock_t _time )C++
Converts time in milliseconds to text format hours:minutes:seconds.

char *CharFormat( char *format, ...)C++
Similar to function sprintf(). Returns the created char array - max. sentence length is 255 characters.
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