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Gravitation Game
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2D game with little flying rocket in space with a low gravitational field.
Rocket must not collide with the surrounding solid elements of space, otherwise it will explode. The landings are all horizontal surfaces.
The game can be played with up to two players on one PC and is divided into two distinct modes. Race, where the aim is to fly through all 8 checkpoint in the shortest time and Dogfight where is the task to destroy enemy rocket by shooting. Each rocket has a number of lives and at each impact to opponent or to solid walls, loses one life.
The game ends flying through all the checkpoints or the loss of all lives.
The player is accompanied by a randomly generated bonuses distributed randomly across the map. Each bonus gives positive or negative status to the player who picks it up.
The original game from PlayStation created by James Shaughnessy and published on the Net Yaroze games.
Remake by Henry
This remake is written in Game Maker program, where are takes the audio and visual elements from the original PlayStation game. Due to the low experience with Game Maker, at the time of publication, the game has a lot of mistakes and overall controll of rockets is not fully imitated. Maps are stored without compression and with exe created by Game Maker, therefore is overall size of the game disproportionately high in proportion with the graphic intensity.
Remake offers two selectable languages​​: English and Czech.
With the external reading translations of the file language can be easily extended.
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