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Spawn Timer
The application is programmed in Game Maker using the API libraries.
Used for calculating time to respawn killed monster in the game Ragnarok Online. It also includes an internal search monsters engine by entering the ID or the name of the monster. The search engine is fully connected with the database Reborn - Ragnarok Online server and it provides comfortable handling with the application. The address of the web database can be changed in the configuration file. The dialog box can be minimized to the system tray and all settings, including times after shutdown remembers.
Spawn Timer automatically obtains data of the selected monsters respawn and begin the countdown + counting for the random respawn interval. After the time respawn, application plays sound, which you can choose.

Since the application is created in Game Maker, it may contain some mistakes, uses graphical libraries and run it takes a longer time than the classical applications written in C++ or others.
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