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Ragnarok Online - Shop Scanner
Shop Scanner
Shop Scanner is a console application to play Ragnarok Online, which lists all items with a price lower than the price of the sale at the NPC trader.
Compatible only with the Reborn - Ragnarok Online server.
What is it?
A simple money making system and you could say abuse of inattention players who have not checks the sale price at NPC.
However, it is good to think that the damage is not subject to sell at NPC, if its wider use between players:).
How does it work?
The application uses an external, free downloadable database of all items sells at the market and database of all existing items containing the sale price at NPC trader etc.
Shop Scanner explores selling price for each subject at the market and compares it to (by ID) with a sale price of an item found in database. If the price of the sale to the NPC greater than the price at which the item purchased, prints it. The result shows the price that you to buy, the price you get for selling to the NPC and the total profit.
What else can it do?
Since it is sold at the market many items and read every price from an external database server takes a lot of time, Scanner has its internal database, to which each new read item writes. In the subsequent comparison of the existing item from an internal database greatly increases reading speed and avoiding the unnecessary use of an external database.
Because the registered item in internal database secures permanently and the server may be changes in the information of the item, there is a simple built-in recovery system. When writes item into the internal DB, app not only writes the cost and name of the subject, but the specific date of registration. After the time expires, the re-comparison information is automatically refreshed from the server database.
The application is interactive, you can click on individual names of selling merchants in the list and it saves the name into clipboard, like Ctrl + C (img. 1).
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