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> Reb-AI for download (external link)
> Reborn - Ragnarok Online server (external link)
The Reb-AI is a set of LUA scripts for the game Ragnarok Online controlling homunculus.
For easy custom homunculus behaviour settings is a program that is part of a Reb-AI. It serves to assist and facilitate the overall control homunculus in movement and in particular in the fight. Reb-AI has a configuration for almost all kinds homunculi, while their individual configurations.
The name was created from the name of Reborn - Ragnarok Online server for which is application written. I also want to thank to Reborn Team for providing a test server where the development was faster and more convenient.

More information and detailed instructions can be found >THERE<.
What it offers?
I tried implement into AI all the main features and some of the other for convenient work with homunculus.
- All the basic: Anti-KS, behaviour, help to alchemist, settings of the skills etc...
- Settings for each homunculus in tabs.
- Built-in monsters search engine, connected with Reborn database.
- Focus the closest monster to the homunculus.
- Setting of the automatic switching to passive mode after a set period of inactivity player (AFK).
- Setting the interval of inactivity after log-in / teleport. (Invisible mode homunculus).
- Dynamic editing list of friends and settings for individual friends.
- Setting of the motion patrol.
- Holding homunculus in the selected position.
- Automatic patching the latest patch when you start the configurator.
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