History: Random Player
Random Player
WinForms app written in C++ for personal purposes.
Random Player is simple application repeatedly playing random music from selected folders (img.2.). Application is fully connected with SQL database, where controlling list of all songs and all settings of application without SQL login data which is saved in inter configuration file. Every song has entire informations: Id, file name, song name, album, interpret, add time, last played time, folder name, is played, is blocked and position in play-list. It is automatically generated on writing to songs table. File name of the song has writes in own format, for example "Rammstein#Mutter#Ich Will.mp3", where interpret name, album and song name are separated by character #. When song is loaded, app gets from this file name all important data.
To Random Player is created next application named Brotex Radio Info, which communicates with SQL server and gets data of now playing song or next songs in play-list. This data shows to client. (img.3.).
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