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Very simple funny game from PlayStation Net Yaroze by Team Parc, where you play with small figure, which runs from the falling ceiling with deadly spikes. The character is in free fall and the challenge is to land on randomly generated platforms that prevent you to a complete crash out of the game screen where the game ends.
The aim is to get the highest number of points, which are obtained every 2 seconds. The game offers the ability to play up to 4 people on one PC.
Remake by Henry
This remake is written in Game Maker program and it's maintained almost the entire mechanics and graphical visualization of the original PlayStation version. Complete transformation took only one week of work with the incorporation of online score table.
Remake offers only the English language.
Prahs 14:41 27.08.2013
Docela těžké někdy, jakoby mi to naschvál někdy nedělalo plošiny :D
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